Validate YOURSELF – Rewired

Validate Yourself 101

You have value, potential and purpose. Do not to let others define or validate you. Get a mirror and search out your character assets, drive, talents/abilities and potential.

Do not let a ‘crash and burn’ experience abort your vision for your future, either. See that set-back? See it again, this time as a learning curve and wisdom tool. Seen properly, that set-back is really a set-up for your next Season. Always remember – a failed try does not make YOU a failure. It was a plan that didn’t fly; a choice that didn’t produce right results, a delayed action that cost you something valuable (time/money/assets/a relationship), or a decision that failed. Another important lesson learned. Use that lesson to help you make wiser choices.

Sudden Impacts and Personal Tsunamis happen. It’s not WHAT happens to you that determines survival, it’s what YOU DO with it that determines your survival. Your Life is a series of Pages in Chapters (or stages) in the Book of YOUR Life. That last skid you took or even your moments of success are Pages in YOUR Book. YOU are a whole book and a Work-in-Progress. Know how to turn the Page, clear your View and See your Next Stage. What you just went through has prepared you for it.

Sudden Impact: Got ‘Left Behind?’ It will only hurt and cripple you as long as it takes to realize you CAN stand alone. Anyone who walked away was either (1) Not FOR you anyway, otherwise they would still be WITH you; (2) Not equipped to walk where Destiny is taking you; (3) Was only with you while it benefited their agenda; (4) or until the ‘next good thing’ came along.  Can you stand to hit the trail and run on anyway?

You need solid people with and around you; people who will celebrate you, appreciate you, help you grow and grow with you as well.  Anything less is a distraction and a subtraction from ‘your wholeness.’ Don’t lose too much ground or time nurturing something that is dead.  Read the Death Certificate! Hold the Funeral.  Face the sun and move onward.

I wish you the Power to Rise, and the Courage to Walk into Your Success Story!


About youarethegovernment

Author/Speaker (inspiration & empowerment); Public Awareness Advocate; currently in television news media; and co-host on a blog talk radio show. Past: Congressional Retiree, U.S. House and Senate, 1/1980 - 12/2001.
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